Let’s flea the weekend!

We wanted to start our Merchanders blog with a special post. We have been recording a lot of material during our holidays, but we are still processing it in some terrific videos that we will show you asap. So we were looking for something fresh, nice and easy, and then suddenly it came up!

After a wonderful flea market weekend surrounded by shiny objects, trendy second-hand clothes, cool people and the hypest music in town, we got our first Merchanders video in our local Flea market ☺ Hope u like it!

Fleamarket Barcelona from Merchanders Fleamarkets on Vimeo.

This time, our wardrobe was not very happy with our shopping but we got a nice blue teapot we have reborn as a flowerpot for our cactus “Maui” (sure we will soon see it in AD home decor as the hottest garden trend!) and a nice eighties style bag. And you? What did you get at your last treasure market? We are already waiting for the next one! Seek & style!!

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