Eating in Paris:)

This weekend in Paris was just amazing. We are now preparing the Puces video (we nearly went crazy in there with so many lovely things!) but in the meantime, what about an inspiring gourmet tour in the city where all the best chefs dream to cook?

The first thing we must point out is that eating in Paris can be wonderful but also quite expensive. However, if you know how to choose your meals you can have a delicious experience without making your credit card panic. We have classified our Merchanders recommendations into 6 gourmand musts:

1. Galettes are for rainy days: So if you have just arrived in Paris and it is pouring don’t worry. That’s the perfect occasion to look for a nice crêperie and enjoy some traditional galettes. You can find them filled with cheese, vegetables, ham, sausage or even cheeseburger! A bowl of cider and a nice window that lets you spy the Parisian way of life will be the best second helping to enjoy a wonderful lunch.

2. Macarons ♥ Cafe Pouckine: If you are looking for Fashion breakfast and would love to feel as Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoniette, you must visit  Cafe Poukine and try a selection of their glittering macarons and fantastic cakes. Although it will not be cheap, we can assure you the moment will be worth it.

3.Croque-Monsieur & Fries were made for Merchanders: Need a break in your non stop flea market day? We’ve got the perfect solution. Visit Luigi’s street bar Nandi and ask for an energetic croque-monsieur and tasty fries. This french-italian meal is an obligatory stop for any Merchander who wants to eat the same food the marchands of Marche des Puces claim as their favourite take away.

4. Cool Japs and cocktails  choose Le Marais: Galleries, artists, design and cocktails always meet at Le Marais, so if you want to have fun in Paris your best bet is to take a seat at a cool jap and see how the hypest nightlife combines perfectly sushi & cocktails.

5. Living Vintage in  Le Jardin de Thé Sarl: If Alice would have lived in Paris she would have cancelled Mad Hatter tea appointment to visit  Le Jardin de Thé Sarl near Pompidou. Small, cosy and with more than 50 different types of tea,  Le Jardin de Thé Sarl is the perfect place to enjoy a nice evening with friends surrounded by a dream teapot collection.

6. Cheese brunch & Fashion animals in Saint Germain: Sunday brunch in Paris is the perfect time to sit and watch Parisians walk the city with their best outfits. So if you are a Sartorialist fan, don’t even doubt it. Find your terrace, ask for a fromage assortiment and a good Sancerre glass and get inspired by the french allure.

Ready to taste Paris? Bon appétit Merchanders!

(♬ Now playing Camille’s Le festin ♬)

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