Merchanders wanted & flea market style in Paris!

We love new places, exciting food and treasure hunting in flea markets, but above all we love meeting people with wonderful stories ready to be shared.

Paris was not an exception in our storytellers search. Marche aux puces welcomed us with some really nice flea market lovers… and do you know what? They were very helpfull to show us the best spots and happy to let us take pictures of them to put them in our Merchanders blog. So what can we say after finding such a a perfect combo? That deserves at least a big “Thank you” in bold letters!!¬† We hope you like our Paris style report!

Flea Markets and Style

Flea Markets and Style

Flea Market and Style

Flea Market and Style


And before leaving and lauching our weekend balloon (tomorrow we will be quite busy at our local flea markets) we would like to ask you something. Would you like to collaborate with us? If you have any info about interesting flea markets around the globe, some beautiful travel or flea pictures or any good story to share, please let us know! You can contact us in Happy weekend!

Today, our Merchanders song is dedicated to you for making our balloon flea even higher.

Now playing: Calle 13 “Muerte en Hawaii”. Pay special attention to the chorus;)!

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