Merchanders in Saint-Ouen Flea market!

We’ve got it!! Mic just finished our Paris video last night, so here you’ve got everything about our fleaing experience in Saint-Ouen! We arrived in Saint-Ouen metro stop and followed the citizens instructions to reach the Marche Aux Puces. It was not too complicated to find it and we discovered a lot of tiny streets with marvellous windows and old signs along our way.

Saint-Ouen, Paris from Merchanders Flea Markets on Vimeo.

We first saw the modern part of Sant-Ouen with many stalls selling hype sports apparell, some old books, random homeware and many interesting vynils. I don’t know why but while we were looking at all that stuff  I could not stop thinking about David La Chapelle Rize video. I believe this flea market is perfect to get inspired!

After an Italian style coffee (sip all the caffeine you can in not more than 30 seconds!) we reached the Antiques part of the flea and we must confess we were completely amazed. We wanted to buy nearly everything, from vintage dresses to old cameras, princess jewel boxes, original fashion posters and not one but half a dozen original Tolix chairs. There were so many treasures we nearly spent five hours non stop walking from one place to another.

In the end, one of the cuttest bow-ties you can imagine, a 1950’s fashion  illustrated magazine and a terrific chic watercolour joined our Merchanders suitcase. If it hadn’t been so expensive (there were few bargains) and we had travelled to Paris in a huge van I can assure you we would have bought enough things to decorate a new flatXD

I hope this week we have some time to look for two nice frames for our watercolour and a wonderful Frisco map that is still waiting his turn to get hanged in our Merchanders wall. As soon as we have it, we’ll show you our “home travelling home” new wall art:)

Ahhh! and get ready because although autumn is here, we will soon bring the sun back with our Bali post!!

♬Now playing in our last video: Poney Express “Paris de Loin”

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