More pics of our Barcelona Flea Market

Not very good photos in fact because we forgot our camera at home and we had to take them quickly with a borrowed iPhone but even they are not perfect we like them:)

Take special notice of the flamenco dresses, the cute 1 € suitcase, the flealoving doggie and the incredible resemblance of one of our flea marketers with a very famous actress. Do you know who are we talking about?XD We were not expecting Scarlett in our city flea market but it was funny “to see her” in such a radical outfit!

This time the flea was basically second-hand clothing more than objects and housewear, and although we had tentations of buying some things we were strong to resist. A new sofa is coming home soon and if we want The Three Kings to bring us a good travelling present we must be careful with our piggy bank! However, spending the afternoon there was as marvellous as always:)

And you, have you thought about any nice travelling presents? What do we travellers would be happy to find under the Christmas tree this year? 

♬ Now playing: The Black Keys’s Lonely boy

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  1. Congrats for this blog!!!!! We really, really like it!


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