Eating in Lisbon:)

Mondays are tough, so why don’t we cheer them up with a bit of delicious Portuguese gastronomy? Get your favourite napkins because today we are going to enjoy three must-taste specialities of our magical Lisbon.

As you all know, the best way to start a day with positive vibes on is to have a great breakfast. We had been told about the Pastéis  de Belém by many travel bloggers and we thought they would be nice but the truth is that they were heavenly sweet!! When our friend Vasco took us to the most popular shop in Belém (very near Lisbon) we understood perfectly why there was a huge queue at the front door. Then, after investigating this marvellous pastries story we discovered that they were originally made in monasteries and became the clergy way of life when in 1834 all  monasteries and convents were shut down in Portugal as a result of the liberal revolution. What used to be a wonderful religious cooking habit became one of the most popular Portuguese recipes and hundreds of visitors were totally devoted to this sugary flavour.

So do you understand now why Mic looks so happy in the photo?;)

But Pastéis de Belém were not the only temptation we had to face in Lisbon. Under the Alfama’s warm sun we enjoyed these traditional pies full of chicken, cheese, tuna and mushrooms and some terrific cod croquettes!! Can you imagine something better to match a cold beer in a spring terrace?!

Finally we wanted to try a typical Potuguese hot meal. Typical but not tourist so we nearly had a look at every restaurant in Bairro Alto till we finally chose a cosy one with big thick walls full of pictures and drawings of her owner who used to be a fado singer when she was young. There were a few dishes in their entrance blackboard and not more than ten tables inside but the lovely smell that came out of the door just  made us sure that it was the right place. We had rice and fish orange soup that tasted really homemade and a chocolate mousse with almond cake that will be difficult to beat.

Lisbon was welcoming in every aspect and her slow and “full of light” rhythm of life could also be noticed in its food. In every bite, you could feel the fresh ingredients and enjoy the pampered way with which Portuguese make every day worth it.

And you, were did you have your best food experience? Any city you remember specially for its cuisine?

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