Our story

Barbara and Michele

We were always Merchanders. Although we were born separated by more than 800 kilometres (we’ve got the best of the Italian and Spanish flavour!), ever since we can remember, we both shared the same dream: to explore the world and have a great adventure. The Merchanders energy was there all the time, silent and patient, waiting by our side for the perfect moment to bloom.

But it was not till some years later, in a huge room full of grey computers, when we discovered each other and decided it was time to start our journey.

The plan: Recover the original marchands spirit and invent new routes. We don’t want travel agencies catalogues or tourist hotspots. We just want to bite new places and taste them like their inhabitants do. Luckily, we think we have found the key to achieve this purpose:) Do you know where life beats harder in a city? Yes, Merchanders, we must confess we are completely head over heels in love with flea markets!

So from Bali to San Francisco, from Barcelona to Paris and from any place where our suitcases and earnings can take us we will be telling you all about the fantastic flea treasures we keep on finding.

Ready to take a seat in the Merchanders balloon? Then…3,2,1! Lets flea around the world and get in love with all different cultures! Just some advice: this is the beginning of our story, of your story if you want to, so get a big suitcase because for sure your friends will be impatient to share with you so much happiness.

Welcome Merchanders!

Michele & Barbara

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